“Across the Aisle”: A Political Conversation with Bill Mims and Mark Herring


Above (left to right): Dr. Lauren Bell introduces former Attorney Generals Bill Mims (Republican) and Mark Herring (Democrat)

Grace Bakeman

In a society where civil political conversations are rarely highlighted, Randolph-Macon College proudly hosted an “Across the Aisle” conversation with former Attorney Generals Bill Mims (Republican) and Mark Herring (Democrat), moderated by Dr. Lauren Bell (James L. Miller Professor of Political Science and Special Assistant to the Provost at Randolph-Macon College) at the local Ashland Theater on Monday, October 24th, 2022.

Despite both Mims and Herring representing different parties, the conversation was never hostile nor overly politicized. Instead, both Mims and Herring highlighted how their roles in politics have resulted in positive change for Virginians. Instead of arguing, extensively debating, or criticizing one another, both parties were able to come together to share their experiences in politics and provide guidance for college students and community members who want to contribute to a better future.

Both Herring and Mims emphasized the importance of working logically and utilizing individual voices for the benefit of others. Rather than further contributing to political polarization, Herring and Mims advocated for holding figures of authority accountable and volunteering for personally important causes, as every individual can help make a difference. Ultimately, both parties advocated for students to persevere and remain active to make a change.